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Connect with English - Episode24

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The Phone Call
2 Mr. and Mrs. Mendoza are dancing as the crowd looks on.
3 Alex is looking at the dancers, away from the crowd. Rebecca goes over to him. He doesn’t respond as
4 usual. Rebecca tries to find out what’s bothering him.
5 REBECCA Fun party, huh?
6 Alex shrugs as he watches his grandparents dance.
7 REBECCA Your grandmother’s a good dancer.
8 ALEX I guess so.
9 REBECCA Alex, is there something wrong?
10 ALEX (He looks at her.) I have to move with my mother to Los Angeles.
11 REBECCA (nods) Your father told me. It’s gonna be hard on everyone.
12 ALEX I don’t wanna go. I wanna stay here.
13 REBECCA I’m sorry. You must be very upset.
14 Alex nods his head. She touches his shoulder in sympathy. He looks at her but then moves away. Rebecca
15 watches him closely.
16 Alberto is dancing. Gloria taps his partner on the shoulder and cuts in. Now Gloria and Alberto are
17 dancing. They look very interested in each other. Ramón holds Alex, so he can see the dancing. Alberto
18 spins Gloria around. Rebecca’s smile fades as she sees this. Ramón sees it from across the hail. Alex gets
19 down and moves away. Rebecca catches Ramón’s eye, and he smiles back at her.
20 Alex is at the table by himself. Rebecca comes over to talk to him.
21 REBECCA Hey. Got a little surprise for you to cheer you up.
22 ALEX What kind of surprise?
23 She looks in her purse.
24 REBECCA Something my brother gave me.
25 ALEX What is it?
26 REBECCA It’s a four-leaf clover. It’s supposed to bring you good luck. I don’t know if it’s true,
27 	but I hope it brings you good luck.
28 ALEX Thank you, Miss Casey.
29 REBECCA Why don’t you call me Rebecca? Miss Casey sounds so old. OK?
30 ALEX OK. . . Rebecca.
31 REBECCA That’s better.
32 She smiles and he does too. Ramón appears.
33 RAMON Excuse me you two. Alex, now is the time.
34 REBECCA Can you sit for a while and visit?
35 RAMON Not yet. I’ve been in the kitchen all day, and now is the time to present my
36	masterpiece.
37 ALEX Our masterpiece, Dad!
38 RAMON You’re right—our masterpiece.
39 REBECCA Oh—what is it?
40 RAMON Should we tell her or let her wait?
41 ALEX (smiling) Let her wait.
42 REBECCA You two. You’ve given your parents a great party!
43 RAMON Thanks.
44 REBECCA (to Alex) Bye.
45 RAMON Remember—save me a dance.
46 REBECCA I will.
47 Rebecca sits alone, sipping her wine.
49 Ramón and Alex bring out a big, layer cake with sparklers on top. The lights dim. The crowd “oohs” and
50 “aahs.” The cake is placed on a table.
51 ALBERTO Attention, everyone. Be quiet, please. Quiet. Before we cut into this beautiful
52	cake made with loving care by us (shock from Ramón), their loving sons, a few
53	words from the guests of honor...
54 Mr. Mendoza makes a speech.
55 FATHER Thank you my very dear friends. We wish to thank you all for coming here to join
56	us in our party tonight. Yes, we are retiring, but we will never forget the good
57	times we’ve had here with you over the last thirty years. Now, I know there’s been
58	a rumor that we are selling the restaurant. But I am here tonight to assure you that
59	the Mendoza tradition will continue. So, here’s to the next thirty years of the Casa Mendoza restaurant. May they be as joyful as the first thirty years.
61 The crowd applauds, as does Rebecca. Alberto tries to put on a good face and joins in the applause. Ramón
62 is very pleased.
63 FATHER To all of you, God bless, salud, dinero, y amor!
64 He and his wife lift glasses, and the crowd gives them a cheer and applause.
65 MOTHER We have been very lucky to have all of you as friends. And we have been very
66	lucky to have each other, too. (looking at her husband) The only thing I regret in all
67	these years is that my husband is such a good cook! (She pats her waistline.)
68 The guests laugh and applaud. Alberto and Ramón step up to their parents. They look at each other.
69 ALBERTO I’d like to propose a toast to my warm and loving parents. (looking at his parents)
70	May your life continue to be an adventure. . . and may it be joyful and fruitful.
71	To you. (He raises his glass and drinks.)
72 Applause from the guests
73 RAMON To the greatest parents anyone ever had. May every day be better than the last.
74	Salud!
75 The crowd drinks another toast. Mr. Mendoza responds to Ramón in Spanish.
76 ALBERTO (playfully) And now—the couple-of-honor will lead us in a dance.
77 Mr. and Mrs. Mendoza begin to sing. The band starts up. Mr. and Mrs. Mendoza take the floor and
78 dance, singing as they go. Ramón walks over to Rebecca.
80 The dance floor is full. Alex, holding his four-leaf clover, dances with his grandmother.
81 RAMON (playfully) Excuse me, Miss. May I have this dance?
82 REBECCA With pleasure.
83 Rebecca and Ramón are dancing.
84 REBECCA I’m so glad your parents decided not to sell.
85 RAMON Me too. You know, Alex is crazy about you. Every day, it’s ‘Miss Casey this...
86	Miss Casey that...’
87 REBECCA I’m crazy about him, too. I told him he could call me Rebecca, if he likes.
88 RAMON Really?
89 REBECCA I wanted him to know that I was his friend.
90 RAMON You have a beautiful smile. . . and a beautiful spirit.
91 REBECCA Thank you.
92 Alberto, standing by the bar, notices how closely his brother and Rebecca are dancing.
93 REBECCA I gave your son a present tonight.
94 RAMON What was that?
95 REBECCA My four-leaf clover.
96 RAMON Good luck charm...
97 REBECCA Um-hmm. My brother gave it to me before I left home...
98 RAMON That must be very special to you. Why Alex?
99 REBECCA What good is luck if you can’t share it with the people you love? 
100 They dance and look deeply into each other’s eyes. Ramón pulls Rebecca a little closer to him. 
101 She does not resist.
103 Nancy and Angela enter the restaurant, looking for Rebecca. They scan the crowd until Mr. Mendoza sees
104 them and approaches.
105 FATHER I’m sorry. We’re closed. This is a private party.
106 NANCY We’re looking for Rebecca Casey.
107 FATHER I see.
108 ANGELA Yes. It’s very important.
109 FATHER I’ll get her.
110 Ramón and Rebecca are dancing quite close now. Mr. Mendoza comes up to them and speaks to Rebecca.
111 FATHER I’m sorry, Rebecca. There’s somebody asking for you.
112 REBECCA For me?
113 FATHER Yes.
114 He points to Nancy and Angela. They look very anxious.
115 REBECCA (to Ramón and Mr. Mendoza) If you’ll excuse me.
116 She leaves Ramón and his father on the dance floor and joins Nancy and Angela.
117 REBECCA Nancy? Angela? What on earth are you doing here?
118 NANCY Your brother called. He said it was an emergency. He wants you to call him.
119 REBECCA What is it?
120 NANCY It’s your father. He’s in the hospital.
121 Ramón and Alberto arrive at the same time.
122 REBECCA I have to call home. My father’s in the hospital. May I use your phone?
123 RAMON Of course. There—there’s a phone in the kitchen. It’ll be quieter there.
124 ALBERTO What happened? Did they say?
126 Ramón and Alberto lead her to the kitchen. A kitchen staff member is washing up as they enter. Ramón asks
127 her to leave and she does.
129 RAMON Suzy— 
130 ALBERTO You can use this phone right here.
131 RAMON If you need anything, we’ll be outside.
132 ALBERTO Would you like a glass of water?
133 REBECCA No. That’s OK.
134 The two men leave. Rebecca dials the phone number.
135 REBECCA Kevin, it’s me. . . Oh, my God! Is he OK? Well, what did the doctors say?. . . I
136		will. . . I—I—I’ll take the next flight out.. . whatever