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LUCIFER AND THE HIDDEN DEMONS A Practical Grimoire from The Order of Unveiled Faces

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Lucifer is the ruling Demon King as described in sources such as The
Book of Oberon, The Book of The Office of Spirits, and The Magical Treatise
of Solomon (all written between 1400 and 1600), but you may believe Lucifer
is a Biblical demon, or even The Devil of the Bible, which is a much older
source. This is understandable.
A modicum of research will reveal that the Lucifer of the Bible was
derived from a single word in Isiah 14:12. Written in Hebrew that word is
Heylel. When that was translated into Latin, it came out as ‘lucifer,’ which is
not a name. It means ‘morning star,’ and in modern Bibles, translators know
this, and use ‘morning star’ instead of ‘lucifer’ to avoid confusion.
In popular culture and society, it is widely believed that Lucifer is the
Devil, the Antichrist, or Satan. This is because, over many centuries,
Christian tradition took that Latin word ‘lucifer’ and through superstition,
twisted it into the name Lucifer and then made that name synonymous with
the Devil. In the Bible itself, the word ‘lucifer’ describes a morning star; a
metaphor for a King of Babylon. The word has nothing to do with fallen
angels or demons.
Those who believe Lucifer is the Devil or a ‘light bearer,’ do so
because they have clung to a Christian tradition that arose because of some
clumsy misunderstanding of Latin.
For the occultist, minimal reading of only a limited number of more
ancient grimoires, and perhaps some Gnostic works and Apocrypha, along
with Canaanite texts, make it apparent that Lucifer is a Demon King who will
come to you when summoned.
If you are captivated by such matters, you can research this, but finding
a single truth that will satisfy all analysis is impossible. Finding a truth that
leads to workable magick is something we have accomplished. It is clear that
Lucifer was known as a demon, a pagan god, and many other forms of spirit,
in many cultures long before the Bible was written.
For the working occultist, what matters is that the grimoires of magick
that appeared between 1400 and 1600, retained and passed on the pre-
Biblical knowledge, which had been hidden for centuries, and gave those
who were able to look a glimpse of the true Lucifer and his Legion of
Demons. The Lucifer of the Bible can be dismissed almost as a Latin typo.
There is no ‘light bearer,’ and Lucifer is a Demon King whose powers bear
no relevance to Christian fears.
In this era, we are damned by the grey morass of material that is found
on the internet, ever clouding the truth. Meanwhile, the finest of academics
are producing the best works of magickal research that have been written,
eclipsing the texts from the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. No
longer do occultists seek out ancient texts in places such as the British
Library because the work has been done. The academics, while pointing out a
distressing number of inconsistencies in the materials we all treasured, have
now confirmed the discoveries we made through our practical explorations of
magick. The demons we found to be true through experience, have been
shown to be true through the newly discovered source materials.
For those of us who have worked with private grimoires, and those who
have belonged to secret Orders and Temples, there is a clear divide between
what is widely known and what is workable truth. A small number of modern
occult authors have produced notable works, but many have repeated the
errors that soil the internet. There is evidence of this in many places.
Have you seen the sigil of Lucifer? If not, or if magick is all new to
you, come for a journey through these paragraphs and see how assumptions
and presumptions have made people fall into self-delusion. For simplicity, let
us say that a sigil is a drawn image, a seal, a signature if you like, that
represents the spirit being summoned, and is said to support that summoning.
I ask again whether you have seen the sigil of Lucifer, and you may believe
you have, but I suspect that you are mistaken. What you have seen most
probably looks something like this:
It may unsettle you to know this is a modern adaptation of a sigil that
was, in more ancient times, drawn thus:
The more authentic drawing is disappointing, rushed, and not nearly so
grand. It is little wonder that those seeking a powerful image to put in books
first cleaned up the lines and made it more presentable. The modern version
was further sanitized by subsequent authors, but may not reflect the original
intent or content of the sigil.
In the Grimorium Verum, or Grimoire Verum (a sourcebook relied on
heavily by those who seek the dark arts,) the artwork and sigils often
appeared to be more like newspaper cartoons or childish drawings, than seals
of magick, and the Lucifer sigil itself was a hapless scribble, as shown above.
(In later editions, the ‘tidy’ sigil appeared, but earlier volumes showed the
hurried-looking version.)
It might take your breath away to find that not only is the modern sigil
a contrivance, but it is the sigil for Lucifer in Asia. The Sigil for Lucifer in
Europe was drawn like this:
It was then cleaned up to look like this:
Admittedly, this isn’t as pretty and doesn’t look nearly so grand or
dramatic, which may be why the Lucifer in Asia symbol is found on so many
websites and pendants. It is claimed to be the one true sigil, even though it is
the wrong one for anybody outside of Asia.
It has been argued that Lucifer in Asia may refer to the East in General,
with Lucifer in Europe being The West. Where does that leave the Americas?
From what point of view and from what location are East and West defined?
Some would say Greece, where the underlying sources of the grimoire may
have been written, but whatever the case, thankfully for us the grimoire goes
even further with the required clarification, suggesting that Lucifer isn’t
called in the Americas at all. You are counseled to call Astaroth in America.
Africa, meanwhile, is given over to Beelzebuth. For Americans, there is no
This is not what we believe, but it illustrates flaws in the sources that
many occultists gaze upon with such reverence. People look to the Grimoire
Verum, a relatively late grimoire in occult history, replete with errors and
careless revisions, then handpick ideas while ignoring the tangible
instructions of the texts. Books and websites continue to show the modern,
clean Lucifer sigil, even though it bears little resemblance to the original, and
works only for those residing in Asia.
If you study the Grimoire Verum you find that the Lucifer sigil is only
one of the minor Lucifer ‘characters,’ and not the main image used in the
grimoire. The Lucifer Pentacle in the grimoire is a series of lines within a
This circle is the true symbol of Lucifer, according to the grimoire
trusted by so many occultists. How is it, given all the evidence in the
grimoire itself, that the image for Lucifer in Asia remains popular? Those
clean lines look more like a logo or a brand, and I believe that is the only
reason it is popular. It is easier to sell. It is, however, a modern bastardisation
that can mislead the unwary and invite weak magick.
This sharp and elegant Lucifer in Asia sigil looks good on an altar but
might be corrupting your magick and hampering your efforts to contact the
true power of Lucifer.
It is flummoxing that with so many people turning to the Grimoire
Verum for guidance, they miss the obvious statements made within the text
itself. When taken at face value, the book tells us that all people living in The
United States of America, attempting to contact Lucifer using the modern
Lucifer in Asia sigil, are contacting a mere shadow of Lucifer, a shade or
echo of the demon. What feels remarkable at first could be an illusion of
power that will soon fade.
If you wish, do your own research to clarify what I have said here, but
go to the primary sources, not the internet. A reading list is found at the end
of this book.
As you may have gathered, I would never claim

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