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LUCIFER AND THE HIDDEN DEMONS A Practical Grimoire from The Order of Unveiled Faces

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the Grimoire Verum to
be an accurate, reliable or workable source, as it is based on many earlier
grimoires, and found in sundry variations, collating more inaccuracies than
most scholars can even follow. I have referenced it here to illustrate how
easily people can be led astray by texts that appear to be accurate, even when
they were revised and published in haste to satisfy readers during a period of
history when there was a thirst for magick. The ancient texts were corrupted
by profit seekers.
What are you meant to do when faced with such a confusing array of
false symbols? Call to Lucifer and ask for your own sigil? That is an option
and one that I have partaken of, finding it to be of little import. It is useful to
look further back into occult history. You can find what you are looking for
by consulting grimoires in private collections, and then seeking modern
academic research. Perhaps the most ancient renderings of the sigils come
from some five hundred years earlier, where they were drawn in The
Veritable Key of Solomon. Read Skinner’s book on the subject and you can
see how the originals were gradually perverted into what is found in modern
This would all be nothing more than theoretical tittle-tattle, except that
this reliance on sigils leads one away from the purity of Lucifer magick.
The Order discovered long ago that Lucifer can be called upon from
any place in the world, regardless of your birth origins, without any sigil, and
indeed it could be said that sigils connect you to egregores for Lucifer, rather
than Lucifer himself.
In brief, an egregore is a pattern of consciousness, or a thoughtform,
created through repetition, belief and sometimes a dusting of the
supernatural. If a fraud describes a spirit or entity, and a sufficient number of
people attempt to contact and work with that spirit for long enough, with
sufficient commitment, for a particular purpose, in time that spirit takes on a
level of reality. These manufactured spirits have their uses, much like
servitors, but they can also be imposters.
When people use false magick to contact great spirits, such as Lucifer,
what they get is at best a splinter of the original, a fragment channeled
through an egregore. It may feel like Lucifer, and it may give you a strong
sense of its reality. Egregores, once formed, want nothing more than your
belief, because that is what sustains them, and so they offer sensations of
supernatural contact. This does not mean they have the power to grant the
wishes requested of them.
I find that people who connect with these egregores of the great
demons become overly fascinated by them, too deeply attached, and before
long they are worshipping them with love, feeding the egregore and obtaining
little in return. The sigil shown at the beginning of this book connects you
only to an egregore of Lucifer.
All that you have read may be confusing, disturbing, disruptive or if
you are completely new to occultism, enough to make you think that magick
and demon summoning is too much of an intellectual battlefield. It is not, and
that will become clear.
I have not set out to confuse and dismay, but to illustrate to you that
many occult certainties are nothing but delusions. Many of the techniques
passed to the unwary are designed to give them false magick, where the
demon gains more than the one seeking gain. There is much deception.
One of the accidents of modern occultism has been to disguise the true
art, hiding it behind online forums and discussion groups, where gossip, chit-
chat, and bombastic pretense occlude reality, guiding the unwary to
misleading sources that include the wrong sigils, the weakest concepts, and
the most debasing and ignorant ideas. We could say these are dark times for
magick, but there is hope. For those who seek true magick and effective
methods, everything you need is before you if you find a way to see what is
already there.
Who am I to say these websites and forum loudmouths are wrong?
Why should The Order of Unveiled Faces be taken any more seriously than
those who slur, blur and conceal the truth? I will make no claim for the words
given here but will illustrate through example and let you be the judge. You
must judge me on the lucidity and efficacy of this magick, not on promises or
If you research the subject at hand, understand that the book we use for
obtaining contact with demons (which will be described shortly) must be read
as an allegory. It is a code to be deciphered and understood in terms of
symbolism. If contemplated without this in mind it reads as religious
fanaticism rather than the pathway to demonic power. When you know it is a
gateway, its secrets will come forth.
You are free to use the workings in this book without doing any further
research or reading, and I believe that the sensations you will experience, and
the presence of Lucifer, will convince you of the reality of magick. What I
say about research only applies if you wish to understand how Orders such as
ours arrive at our conclusions. If you want magick, the magick is here, and all
you have to do is perform it as instructed.
The methods we have arrived at are not ours alone. Their reliability and
accuracy have been confirmed through practice, results, and through the word
of Lucifer. These claims of mine, however, should not be trusted but seen as
our point of view. Their veracity can only be confirmed by your experience.
I do not speak for Lucifer, but I speak as one who stands at his side
when working this magick. I do not speak for the demons revealed in this
book, most of whom are hidden from the wider community of working
occultists. I do not claim that myself, nor The Order of Unveiled Faces, are
the primary authority on these workings. I urge you to be wary of anybody
who makes such claims. Those who claim to be the one true source of
knowledge always have a hidden agenda, which includes controlling you.
Any person who claims to speak for the demons, or have the demons
speak through them, is somebody you should fear because that person has a
weakness; a weakness that demands admiration and adoration. They are not a
conduit for Lucifer or other demons, but a human ego in frantic need of
Any human that seeks such worship is standing between you and
Lucifer, blocking you from the demons and seeking to drain your strength
through the demands of loyalty. Such people will offer warmth and love that
makes you feel special while stripping away your ability to work magick for
yourself. I suggest that you look beyond such people. Look beyond my Order
and me, and look into the magick itself with a wary and cautious mind,
careful not to be taken in by frauds or false promises.
It is never wise to trust those who claim great lineage but show only a
shallow and recent knowledge. Which is why, once more, I urge you to be
skeptical of all, including myself and The Order of Unveiled Faces, and all
who claim wisdom.
Skepticism is not the enemy of magick. If you are skeptical of our
claims, you are wise. It is important to test the magick you receive. If you
blindly follow the word of those who proclaim to know truths that you do not
yet know, you are like the victim of a cult, led into self-imprisonment through
the promise of illumination. Trust a bright and shining personality, and you
are offering your energy to the vanity of a feeble ego. Such people, though
weak, will leech you dry, until you are utterly reliant upon them. In magick,
you should rely on nobody.
Read this book with an open but cautiously skeptical mind, prepared to
work the magick as written should you choose to do so. Do not trust that we
are the final authority or assume that we are masters appointed by some
ridiculous non-existent brotherhood. You will know as you read what is true.
What we present here is offered to you. We cannot compel you to trust
what is said here, but we can give you the option to research the subject
yourself or take a leap of faith, or perhaps exploration,

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