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LUCIFER AND THE HIDDEN DEMONS A Practical Grimoire from The Order of Unveiled Faces

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or to cause great sickness, all these situations would
bring disruption no matter what the timeline. The difference is that if you
solved these problems without Lucifer’s power, these disruptions and
changes would occur as slowly as the solution. When you shift time and force
events to occur more rapidly, it is logical to assume that the changes that go
with the result will also rush into your life more rapidly.
Do not let the fear of change make you shun Lucifer, but you may be
wise to make your first request one that will give you a gentle taste for the
nature of this power.
If you work with the other demons in this book, and even if you have
no intention of working with Lucifer directly, you will summon Lucifer so
often (for he is called at the opening of each ritual), that you will gain a
familiarity with the Demon King. You will feel at ease rather than in awe,
although you may feel awe at his abilities. This is an important distinction. If
you adore and worship Lucifer, your connection to him will lessen. Have you
ever been in a relationship where somebody is so infatuated with you that
they created fantasies and delusions about your gifts and qualities? This is
usually an irritation. Unless you are a narcissist, you do not want to be
worshiped, especially under false pretences. Lucifer does not seek worship,
but partnership. The Demon King has respect for you, not power over you,
and wishes to work with your desire to bring you a chosen reality. Do not
fawn before him, but speak with strength, good manners, and honesty. Make
your request, not humbly, but knowing that Lucifer wants to bring you
It was mentioned earlier that you only need to summon a demon once
for any given problem, and this is true except when a situation is complex
and ever-changing. For the more complex problems, you may turn to Lucifer,
because he can adapt his powers to so many aspects of a problem or situation.
If you choose to work with Lucifer, know that he has many powers that go
beyond the one listed earlier in the book. It could be said that he has all the
powers listed for every demon, and this would be no lie.
The other demons are Lucifer’s Legion, and to reject them as
unimportant is not pleasing to Lucifer. If one of the other demons in the book
can solve your problem, work with that demon. Never assume that it is easier
to work with Lucifer for every situation. With Lucifer, the speed and
disruption will be greater. This is not always what you want.
Place great value on the powers and qualities of the Legion of Demons,
but know that their powers can also be granted by Lucifer if you are willing
to accept the consequences brought by disruptive change.
I will give no further warning, but I will say that if you summon
Lucifer with the intention of using a power usually attributed to another
demon, you may wish to seek his advice first. Ask if you will be satisfied by
the result. If you sense no response from Lucifer, this may be due to lack of
practice and ability. If that is the case, summon other demons until you
strengthen your connection to Lucifer.
When you wish to perform magick with success, it is said that you should
take heed to know, to will, to dare, and to keep silent.
To know, read about magick and understand the directions without
excess haste, unburdened by previous beliefs.
To will, select the change you are going to make in reality and decide
that it will be so.
To dare, perform the magick, knowing that it will work.
To keep silent, you speak to nobody of your active rituals until they
work, and let doubts and fears remain unspoken.
A knowledgeable member of The Order put it more pithily when he
said, ‘Learn the rituals, know who you are and what you want, do the magick
and stop talking about it.’
The Order of Unveiled Faces believes in the power, dignity, and
importance of magick. Magick is a secret because it will remain unseen by
those who stare at it directly. It will be sensed by those who are born to work
with its wonders. For those who seek magick, we swear an oath to provide
you only with the methods that we know to be true. We swear to advocate for
the validity and significance of magick.
If you are new and confused, this book can give you what you want. If
you know magick, this book can provide a new bearing. If you think you
know everything already we can’t change your mind, so we hope you get
what you need from your current beliefs.
We are not a cult of believers who shun those who voice an alternate
opinion. We are not the only way to discover Lucifer and the demons. Judge
us on the quality of what we divulge, not on convention or dogmata. In
magick, there is no room for the fanatic. For the willful and determined, with
the intelligence to rebel against destiny, there is a delicate opportunity known
as potential, and that is where magick is to be found.
Further Reading
The Book of Abramelin: A New Translation - Revised and Expanded by
George Dehn, Steven Guth and Abraham von Worms, 2015.
ISBN: 9780892542147
The final sourcebook used to complete the work of our Order.
The Veritable Key of Solomon by Dr. Stephen Skinner, 2010.
ISBN: 0955738768
There are useful details on the origins of Lucifer legends, myths, and sigils.
The Lesser Key of Solomon by Joseph H. Peterson, 1999.
ISBN: 9781578632206
A work that enables you to see how easily magick can be corrupted.
Grimorium Verum by Joseph H. Peterson, 2007.
ISBN: 1434811166
This is another work revealing original sources and their subsequent
development. The magick itself is false, and the book is worthwhile only to
understand the erroneous development and debasement of occultism.
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