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Efeito da Pre Inoculação com SiC

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may be summarized as follows:
1. Residual magnesium level and calculated magnesium recovery are much higher in those heats utilizing SiC as
furnace additions. With the same 4.5-lb (1.8%) FeSiMg-masteralloy additions, the SiC heats averaged 21% higher residual
magnesium (0.032% vs 0.039%). Those heats produced with SiC, but using reduced FeSiMg-masteralloy additions (1.6%
masteralloy) still resulted in higher residual magnesium then in heats using FeSi75 pre-inoculant and standard FeSiMg
masteralloy additions. The latest opens the possibility to reduce consumption of FeSiMg masteralloy.
2. Heats, pre-inoculated with SiC and treated with lower FeSiMg-masteralloy additions, showed high castability and
lowest percentage of iron carbides. Trial heats using SiC and standard FeSiMg-masteralloy additions exhibited the greatest
amount of iron carbides due to the considerably higher residual Mg levels. Thin wall ductile iron plates pre-inoculated with
SiC and treated with reduced addition of FeSiMg-masteralloy always showed the highest nodule count
3. These experiments confirmed previous works indicating the important role of residual magnesium on as-cast
structure and castability of ductile iron.
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