[ebook] Programming Pearls (2nd Ed 2000)   Jon Bentley ADDISON WESLEY
283 pág.

[ebook] Programming Pearls (2nd Ed 2000) Jon Bentley ADDISON WESLEY

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Programming Pearls,
Second Edition
by Jon Bentley.
Addison-Wesley, Inc., 2000.
ISBN 0-201-65788-0.
239 + xi pp. $24.95
This book is a collection of essays about a glamorous aspect of
software: programming pearls whose origins lie beyond solid
engineering, in the realm of insight and creativity. This book
provides a guide for both students and experienced
programmers about how to design and create programs, and
how to think about programming.
The book is full of small case studies, real examples, and interesting exercises for learning about how to program.
This web page contains samples from the whole work for you to investigate. For teachers, the links below lead to
some of the central material suitable for classroom use.
Steve McConnell describes the book as ``a celebration of design in the small''. Browse this site to sample it
What's new on this web site?
From The Book
Table of Contents
Part I: Preliminaries
Column 1: Cracking the Oyster
Column 2: Aha! Algorithms [Sketch]
Column 4: Writing Correct Programs [Sketch]
Column 5: A Small Matter of Programming [Sketch]
Part II: Performance
Column 7: The Back of the Envelope
Column 8: Algorithm Design Techniques [Sketch]
Part III: The Product
Column 14: Heaps [Sketch]
Column 15: Strings of Pearls
Epilog to the First Edition
Epilog to the Second Edition
Appendix 2: An Estimation Quiz
Appendix 3: Cost Models for Time and Space
Appendix 4: Rules for Code Tuning
Solutions for Column 1 Column 5 Column 7 Column 15
About The Book
Why a Second Edition?
To Readers of the First Edition
About the First Edition
Supporting Material
Source Code
Web Sites Relevant to the Book
Animation of Sorting Algorithms
Tricks of the Trade
Teaching Material
Other Links
Addison-Wesley Computer & Engineering Publishing Group
Programming Pearls at Addison-Wesley
Bookstores: Amazon.com, Barnes & Noble, Borders.com, Fatbrain.com, Quantum Books.
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What's New on the
Programming Pearls
Web Site
November 2000
Column 15 is now on the site, complete with a new program for
letter-level Markov text, and new examples of word
frequencies, long repeated strings, and letter-level and word-
level Markov text.
October 2000
The rules for code tuning from my 1982 book Writing Efficient Programs are now online, and so is a Powerpoint
Show on Cache-Conscious Algorithms and Data Structures.
August 2000
The errata just keeps on growing. If you see errors, please send them in.
July 2000
Programming Pearls is often used for teaching undergraduates. This page describes how some of the topics in the
book can be incorporated into college classrooms.
March 2000
A theme running through the book concerns the Tricks of the Trade. This page describes that topic and contains a
Powerpoint Show on the subject.
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