AP Prática de Ensino em Inglês II
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AP Prática de Ensino em Inglês II

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Prática de Ensino em Inglês II
1) Experts agree that there is more involved to language learning than just the cognitive aspect.
Which of the following should we take into account as far as language learning is concerned?
	Resposta = Language learning also has an affective component.
2) Dafei (2007) argues that there are three important levels at which students' control can be exercised. One of them refers to cognitive process.
Which of the following is not  adequate as far as cognitive process is concerned?
	Resposta = The control over the cognitive process has nothing to do with the control over the learning content.
3) What is the teacher's role as a mediator?
The following are appropriate answers, EXCEPT FOR:
	Resposta = To act as a ruler so that students will keep silent during his/her explanations.
4) It is usually impracticable to teach all four language skills in most Brazilian public and private schools due to several adverse conditions we can find them in.
Which are they?
	Resposta = Reduced working hours, overcrowded classrooms, poor command of oral skills on the part of most teachers and poor/ no language teaching materials.
	5) Read the following statements and choose the corresponding alternative.
1. ________ are the ones with knowledge and expertise in a particular field. They impart that knowledge through a variety of means to their students.
2. _______build on the knowledge base of the group of students to find the answers to questions.
3. When a______ walks into a classroom, he/she takes charge of the learning environment.
4. ________might not be subject area experts like a teacher. They do have special training in group dynamics, using processes such as conflict resolution, strategic planning and team building.
	Resposta = 1. Teachers, 2. Facilitators, 3. Teacher, 4. Facilitator.
	6) Why is being a facilitator of learning so beneficial to students?
	It promotes self-exploration.
	All of the answers are correct
	It promotes students autonomy.
	It enables students to absorb and remember the material.
	It makes classroom material applicable to student's lives.
	7) In relation to teachin vocabulary techniques, we can say that adding a visual aid is one technique to help students
	Resposta = build connections and understanding
8) Choose the alternative that CORRECTLY fill in the blank
Most researchers and teachers would agree that the _______and  the ______ of a new word should be presented to learners in close conjunction, so that they are able to make a mental connection between the two more readily. If there is a gap between meaning and form, this connection might not take place at all.
	Resposta = meaning, form.
	9) Read the concepts below and choose the alternative to which each one refer to:
1.  It refers to the teacher willingness to teach to use whatever resource is available to him/her in order to act the best possible way.
2. Being able to help students to connect a new concept to concepts previously learned.
3. Students willingness to learn.
	Resposta = 1. Intentionality, 2. Mediation of meaning, 3. Reciprocity.
10) The complex nature of a word  involves a sum of different connections.
Which of the following doesn't fit in the topic we are discussing?
	Resposta = Skimming