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Respondido em 14/10/2020 23:53:06
	What is UNTRUE about quantitative research?
	All aspects of the study are carefully designed before data is collected.
	Researcher uses tools, such as questionnaires or equipment to collect numerical data.
	Data are in the form of numbers and statistics.
	The data is usually gathered using more structured research instruments.
	The results are based on smaller sample sizes that are representative of the population.
	Respondido em 14/10/2020 23:52:52
	Read the text below:
When making use of verbal language, it is vital that cohesive and coherent techniques are exploited adequately so that communication takes place the best way possible. Bearing this idea in mind, consider the following use of the English language:
''In a recent study, children in the city of Baltimore, USA, were interviewed about their prospects. Their ambitions reflected their own experience. Those from high-income families hoped to become lawyers or doctors, because those were typical professions of their parents' friends. Those from poorer backgrounds wanted to be professional sportspeople or music artists, because those were the people who had succeeded in their communities. However, they expected to be electricians or hairdressers. At school, the more privileged children performed better, because they knew that if they got good grades, their prospects of becoming a lawyer or doctor were good. The children from poorer backgrounds had no such incentive to do well at academic subjects and performed much worse. Nevertheless, when their school offered cash prizes on condition that their grades improved, the improvement was immediate.''
► The highlighted elements represent one effective resource. Which one?
	Referencing words
	Linking words
	Sentences which guide the reader
	Lexical links
	Respondido em 14/10/2020 23:52:40
The elements highlighted refer to cohesive devices, i.e. linking words.
	The results are based on larger sample sizes that are representative of the population.
The excerpt above refers to:
	Quantitative research
	Qualitative research
	Quantitative action research
	Pedagogical action research
	Action qualitative research
	Respondido em 14/10/2020 23:54:50
	Read the text below:
When manipulating verbal language, it is of the utmost importance that cohesive and coherent techniques are manipulated so that communication flows the best way possible. Bearing this idea in mind, consider the following use of the English language:
''My friend Anna tried every means possible. Nevertheless1, she2 could not steer the boat out of the storm''.
► The highlighted elements above exemplify, respectively, two cases of cohesive techniques. Which ones?
	Lexical Cohesion (repetition) and Lexical Cohesion (synonym)
	Lexical Cohesion (hypernym) and Grammatical Cohesion (personal)
	Lexical-Grammatical Cohesion (conjunction) and Grammatical Cohesion (personal)
	Lexical Cohesion (reiteration) and Lexical-Grammatical Cohesion (conjunction)
	Grammatical Cohesion (demonstrative) and Grammatical Cohesion (ellipsis)
	Respondido em 14/10/2020 23:50:58
Based on the text content, we can see use of a conjunction and a personal pronoun.
	Choose the option that best completes the sentence: -When it comes to qualitative inquiry, human actors are studied in their.... -
	natural settings
	Respondido em 14/10/2020 23:53:20