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Etimologia e Abreviaturas de Termos Médicos (PDF)

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Olsson table; anodal opening tetanus; 
Association of Occupational Therapists 
AOTA American Occupational Therapy 
AOTe anodal opening tetanus 
AOTF American Occupational Therapy 
AOU apparent oxygen utilization 
AOV aortic valve 
AoV aortic valve; Aspergillus ochraceus 
AP abdominal pain; abdominal 
[voiding] pressure;abelominoperitoneal; 
accelerated phase; accessory pathway; 
accounts payable; acid phosphatase; 
acinar parenchyma; action plan; action 
potential; activator protein; active pepsin; 
active pressure; acute pancreatitis; 
acute phase; acute pneumonia; acute 
proliferative; adductor pollicis [muscle]; 
adenomatous polyposis; adolescent 
psychiatry; after parturition; agno 
protein; alkaline phosphatase; alum 
precipited; aminopeptidase; aminopyrine; 
amyloid P-component; amyloid peptide; 
anatomic profile; angina pectoris; 
antepartal [Lat. ante partum]; anterior 
pituitary; anteroposterior; antidromic 
potential; anti plasmin; antipyrine; anti-
viral protein; antral peristalsis; aortic 
pressure; aortopulmonary; apical 
pulse; apothecary; appendectomy; 
appendicitis; appendix; apurinic acid; 
apuri nic/apyrimidinic [site in DNA]; 
area postrema; arithmetic progresssion; 
arterial pressure; artificial pneumothorax; 
aspiration pnemnonia; assessment and 
plans; associa tion period; atherosclerotic 
plaque; atrial pacing; atrioventricular 
pathway; attending physician; axiopulpal; 
before parturition [Lat. ante partum] 
A-P anteroposterior 
A&P anterior and posterior; assessment 
and plans; auscultation and percussion 
A/P abelominal/perineal; antepartum as-
cites/plasma [ratio] 
A2 P2 aortic second sound, pulmonary 
second sound 
4-AP 4-aminopyridine
Ap apex 
Ap amount in plasma 
aP acellular pertussis [vaccine] 
ap anteroposterior; attachment point 
APA action potential amplitude; aldoster-
one-producing adenoma; Ambulatory 
Pediatric Association; American Pancreatic 
Association; American Physiotherapy As-
sociation; American Podiatric Association; 
American Psychiatric Association; Ameri-
can Psychoanalytic Association; American 
Psychological Association; American 
Psychopathological Association; 
American Psychotherapy Association; 
aminopenicil lanic acid; anterior margin of 
pulmonary artery; anti-pernicious anemia 
[factor]; anti phospholipid antibody; 
antiproliferative antibody; arcuate 
premotor area; azido phenacyl 
ApA adenylyl (3’-5’) adenosine; azidophe-
APAAPalkaline phosphatase-anti-alkaline 
phosphatase [labeling] 
APAB antiphospholipid antibody; azido-
phenacyl bromide 
APACHE Acute Physiology, Age, and 
Chronic Health Evaluation 
APACS analog picture archiving and com-
munication system 
APAF antipernicious anemia factor 
Apaf-1 apoptotic protease activating 
factor 1 
APAMI Asian Pacific Association of Medical 
APAN Asian-Pacific Advanced Network
APAP acetaminophen; adaptive positive 
airway pressure 
APASS Antiphospholipid Antibodies in 
Stroke Studies 
APASTB Asia Pacific Association of Surgical 
Tissue Banking 
APB abductor pollicis brevis; atrial pre-
mature beat 
APBD adult polyglucosan body disease
APBI accelerated partial breast irradiation
APC acetylsalicylic acid, phenacetin, 
and caffeine; activated protein C; 
adenoidal pharyngeal-conjunctival 
[agent]; adenom atous polyposis coli; 
allo-phyocyanin; all-purpose capsule; 
an-giotensin present ing cell; antigen-
presenting cell; antiphlo gistic corticoid; 
aortopulmonary collateral artery; 
aperture current; apneustic center; argon 
plasma coagulation; aspirin-phena cetin-
caffeine; atrial premature contrac tion; 
autologous platelet concentrate 
aPC activated protein C 
ApCAM aplasia cell adhesion molecule 
APCC aspirin-phenacetin-caffeine-codeine 
APCD acquired prothrombin complex 
deficiency [syndrome]; adult polycystic 
kidney disease 
APCF acute pharyngoconjunctival fever
APCG apex cardiogram 
Ap4CH apical four-chamber plane 
APCKD adult-type polycystic kidney dis-
ApCPV Anaitis plagiata cypovirus; An-
theraea pernyi cypovirus 
APC-R, APCR activated protein C resis-
APD acquired perforating dermatosis; 
action potential duration [of heart]; 
acute polycystic disease; adult 
polycystic disease; advanced physical 
diagnosis; airway pres sure disconnect; 
anteroposterior diameter; antipsychotic 
drug; articulation-phono logical disorders; 
atrial premature depo larization; 
autoimmune progesterone dermatitis; 
automated peritoneal dialysis; avalanche 
APDso action potential duration at 80% 
A-PD anteroposterior diameter 
APDb [heart] action potential duration-
baseline beat 
APDF amplitude probability density func-
APDJ Adult Personal Data Inventory 
APDIM Association of Program Directors 
in Internal Medicine 
ApDNV Aedes pseudoscutellaris denso-
APDp [heart] action potential duration-
premature stimulus 
AP-DRG all patients-diagnosis-related 
APE acetone powder extract; acute 
polioen cephalitis; acute psychotic 
episode; acute pulmonary edema; airway 
pressure excur sion; amino-phyIline, 
phenolbarbital, and ephedrine; anterior 
pituitary extract; asthma of physical effort; 
avian pneumoen cephalitis 
APECED autoimmune polyendocrinopa-
thy-candidiasis-ectodennal dystrophy 
ApEn approximate entropy 
APES aminopropyltriethoxysilane 
APEUV Apeu virus 
APEX automatic programmable electronic 
APF acidulated phosphofluoride; adap tive 
pattern filtering; American Psycholo gical 
Foundation; anabolism-promoting factor; 
animal protein factor; antiperinu elear 
factor; assignned protection factor 
APG acid-precipitated globulin; air ple-
thysmography; ambulatory patient group; 
animal pituitary gonadotropin; antegrade 
APGAR American Pediatric Gross Assess-
ment Record 
APGL alkaline phosphatase activity of 
granular leukocytes 
APGO Association of Professors of Gyne-
cology and Obstetrics 
APH alcohol-positive history; alternative 
pathway hemolysis; aminoglycoside 
phos photransferase; ante-partum 
hemorrhage; anterior pituitary hormone; 
Association of Private Hospitais 
Aph aphasia 
APHA American Protestant Hospital 
Asso ciation; American Public Health 
APhA American Pharmacists Association 
APHEA Air PoIlution in Health, European 
APHIS Animal and Plant Health Inspec-
tion Service 
APHL Association of Public Health 
APHP anti-Pseudomonas human plasma 
API active pharmaceutical ingredient; 
alka line, protease inhibitor; Analytical 
Profile Index; anual parasitological 
index; applica tion program interface; 
applications pro gramming interface; 
arterial pressure index; atmospheric 
pressure ionization; Autonomy Preference 
APIC Acenocoumarin vs Pentoxifylline in 
Intermittent Claudication [trial]; Associa-
tion for Professionals in Infection Control 
and Epielemiology 
APIE assessment, plan, implementation 
and evaluation 
APIM Association Professionnelle Inter-
nationale des Médecins 
APIP additional personal injury 
APIS Antihypertensive Patch, Italian study 
APIVR artificial pacemaker-induced ven-
tricular rhythm 
aPKC atypical protein kinase C 
APKD adult-onset polycystic kidney dis-
APL abductor pollicis longus; acelerated 
painless labor; acute promyelocytic leuke-
mia; animal placenta lactogen; anterior 
pituitary-like; anterior pulmonary leaflet 
aPL antiphospholipid 
A-P&L anteroposterior and lateral 
APLA, aPLA antiphospholipid anti-body 
APLAUD Antiplatelet Useful Dose [trial] 
APLAUSE Antiplatelet Treatment After 
Intravascular Ultrasound Guided Optimal 
Stent Expansion [trial] 
APLP amyloid precursor-like protein 
APLPV American