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Etimologia e Abreviaturas de Termos Médicos (PDF)

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ASHCRM American Society of Health Care 
Risk Managers 
ASHCSP American Society for Health care 
Central Service Personnel [of AHA] 
ASHCVD atherosclerotic hypertensive 
cardiovascular disease 
ASHD arteriosclerotic heart disease; atrio-
septal heart disease 
ASHE American Society for Healthcare 
Engineering [of AHA] 
ASHET American Society for Health 
Manpower Education and Training 
ASHFSA American Society for Healthcare 
Food Service Administrators 
ASHG American Society for Human 
ASHHRA American Society for Healthcare 
Human Resources Administration [of 
ASHI Association for the Study of Human 
ASHL Association of Scottish Health 
Science Librarians 
ASHM Australasian Society for Human 
Immunodeficiency Virus Medicine 
ASHN acute sclerosing hyaline necrosis 
AS/Ho antiserum, horse 
ASHP American Society for Hospital 
Planning; American Society of Health 
System Pharmacists 
ASHPA American Society for Hospital 
Personnel Administration 
ASHRM American Society for Healthcare 
Risk Management [of AHA] 
ASHT American Society of Hand 
ASHV Arctic squirrel hepatitis virus 
ASI Addiction Severity Index; anxiety 
state inventory; anxiety status inventory; 
arthroscopic screw installation 
a-Si amorphous silicon 
ASIA American Spinal Cord Injury 
Association; American Spinal Injury 
ASIC acid sensing ion channel; 
application-specific integrated circuit 
aSi/Csl cesium iodide and amorphous 
silicon [x-ray detector] 
ASIF Association for Study of Internal 
ASII American Science Information 
ASIM American Society of Internal 
ASIP American Society for Investigative 
Pathology; atypical protein kinase C 
isotype-specific interacting protein 
ASIR age-standardized incidence rate 
ASIS American Society for Information 
Science; American Study of Infarct 
Survival; Angina and Silent Ischemia 
Study; average severity of index score; 
anterior superior iliac spine 
ASIST Atenolol Silent Ischemia Trial 
ASIS&T American Society for Information 
Science and Technology 
ASK anomalous state of knowledge; anti-
streptokinase; Australian Streptokinase 
[trial in stroke]
ASKAS Aging Sexual Knowledge and 
Attitude Scale 
ASL angiosarcoma of liver; 
antistreptolysin; argininosuccinate lya-se 
ASLlB Association of Special Libraries and 
Information Bureau 
ASLME American Society of Law, 
Medicine & Ethics 
ASLN Alport syndrome-like hereditary 
ASLO antistreptolysin O 
ASLT antistreptolysin test 
ASLV avian sarcoma and leukosis virus
ASM acid sphingomyelinase; active 
shape model [radiological image]; age-
specific mortality; airway smooth muscle; 
American Society for Microbiology; 
angular second moment; anterior 
scalenus muscle; areola-sparing 
AsM astigmatism, myopic 
asm age-specific mortality 
ASMA Aerospace Medical Association 
antismooth muscle antibody 
ASMC arterial smooth muscle cell 
ASMD anterior segment mesenchymal 
dysgenesis; atonic sclerotic muscle 
ASME Association for the Study of 
Medical Education 
ASMI anteroseptal myocardial infarct 
As/Mk antiserum, monkey 
ASMPA Armed Services Medical 
Procurement Agency 
ASMR age-standardized mortality ratio
ASMS archival [imaging] storage 
management system 
ASMT acetylserotonin methyltransferase; 
American Society for Medical Technology 
ASMTY acetylserotonin methyl-
transferase Y 
ASN abstract syntax notation; alkali-
soluble nitrogen; American Society 
of Nephrology; American Society of 
Neurochemistry; arteriesclerotic nephritis; 
asparagine; Associate in Nursing 
Asn, asn asparagine 
ASO administrative services only; AIDS 
service organization; allele-specific 
oligonucleoside; antistreptolysin O; 
arteriosclerosis obliterans
ASOD anterior segmental ocular 
AS ON antisense oligonucleotide 
ASOS American Society of Oral Surgeons
ASOT antistreptolysin-O test
ASP abnormal spinal posture; active 
server or pages; active server processor; 
acute suppurative parotitis; acute 
symmetric polyarthritis; affected 
sibling pair; African swine pox; age 
substrate plasma; alkali-stable pepsin; 
American Society of Parasitologists; 
amnesic shellfish poisoning; ankle 
systolic pressure; ankylosing spondylitis; 
anorectal malformation, sacral bony 
abnormality, presacral mass [association]; 
antibody-specific prediction, antisocial 
personality; aortic systolic pressure; 
application service provider; area systolic 
pressure; asparaginase; aspartic acid 
Asp aspartic acid; asparaginase 
asp aspartame; aspartate, aspartic acid; 
aspartic acid; aspiration; automatic signal 
ASPA American Society of Physician 
Analysts; American Society of Podiatric 
Assistants; aspartoacylase 
ASPAC Asia-Pacific [regional study] 
ASPAT antistreptococcal polysaccharide 
ASPCR, AS-PCR allele-specific 
polymerase chain reaction 
ASPD antisocial personality disorder 
ASPDM American Society of 
Psychosomatic Dentistry and Medicine 
ASPECT Anticoagulants in Secondary 
Prevention of Events in Coronary 
Thrombosis; approach to systematic 
planning and evaluation of clinical trials 
ASPEN American Society for Parenteral 
and Enteral Nutrition 
ASPG antispleen globulin
ASPI active server processor
AS/PI anterior superior/posterior inferior 
ASPIRE Action on Secondary Prevention 
by Intervention Reduce Events 
ASPM American Society of Paramedics 
ASPMA American Society of Podiatric 
Medical Assistants
ASPO American Society for 
Psychoprophylaxis in Obstetrics; 
American Society of Pediatric 
ASPP American Society of Psychoanalytic 
Physicians; Association for Sane 
Psychiatric Practices
ASPREN Australian Sentinel Practice 
Research Network
ASPRS American Society of Plastic and 
Reconstructive Surgeons 
ASPS advanced sleep phase syndrome; 
Australian Swedish Pindolol Study; 
American Society of Plastic Surgeons 
ASPSOM adaptive structure probabilistic 
self-organizing map 
ASPV apple stem pitting virus 
ASPVD atherosclerotic peripheral 
vascular disease; atherosclerotic 
pulmonary vascular disease 
ASQ Abbreviated Symptom 
Questionnaire; Anxiety Scale 
ASR adrenal/spleen ratio; age-
standardized rate; aldosterone secretion 
rate; antistreptolysin reaction; articular 
surface repair; automated speech 
AS/Rab antiserum, rabbit 
ASRM American Society of Reproductive 
ASRT American Society of Radiologic 
Technologists; American Society of 
Registered Technologists 
ASS Aarskog-Scott syndrome; acute 
serum sickness; acute spinal stenosis; 
acute stroke study; anterior superior 
spine; argininosuccinate synthetase; 
Auckland Stroke Study 
ASSA, ASSAS aminopterin-like syndrome 
sine arninopterin
ASSC acute splenic sequestration crisis 
AS-SCORE age, stage of disease, 
physiological system involved, 
complications, response to therapy 
ASSENT Assessment of the Safety and 
Efficacy of a New Thrombolytic Agent 
ASSERT [improving] Alcohol and 
Substance Abuse Services and Educating 
Providers to Refer Patients to Treatment 
ASSET Anglo-Scandinavian Study of Early 
Thrombolysis; Atorvastatin Simvastatin 
Safety and Efficacy Trial 
ASSH American Society for Surgery of the 
ASSI Accurate Surgical and Scientific 
ASSIA Applied Social Science Index and 
Abstracts [UK] 
assim assimilate, assimilation 
ASSIST American Stop Smoking 
Intervention Study 
ASSO American Society for the Study of 
Assoc association, associate 
ASSP argininosuccinate synthetase 
ASSR adult situation stress reaction; 
auditory steady-state response 
ASSURE A Stent vs Stent Ultra-sound 
Remodeling Evaluation 
ASSVd Apple scar skin viroid