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Etimologia e Abreviaturas de Termos Médicos (PDF)

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AMHIS Alberta Mental Health Informa tion 
AMHT automated multiphasic health 
AMI acquired monosaccharide 
intolerance; acute myocardial infarction; 
advanced med ical illness; amitriptyline; 
anterior myocardi aI infarct; anterior 
myocardial infarction; Argatroban in 
Myocardial Infarction [study]; Association 
of Medical IIlustrators; Athletic Motivation 
Inventory; axiomesio incisal 
AMIA American Medical Informatics 
AMIABLE Acute Myocardial Infarction 
Angioplasty Bolus Lysis Evaluation 
AMICUS Austrian Multicenter Isradipine 
cum Spirapril Study 
AMIS Ambulatory Medical Information 
System; Aspirin in Myocardial Infarction 
Study; Automated Management Informa-
tion System 
AMISTAD Acute Myocardial Infarction 
Study of Adenosine 
AMKL acute megakaryoblastic leukemia 
AML acute monocytic leukemia; acute 
mucosal lesion; acute myeloblastic 
leuke mia; acute myelocytic leukemia; 
acute myelogenous leukemia; anatomic 
medullary locking; angiomyolipoma; 
anterior mitral leaflet; automated 
multitest laboratory 
AMLB alternate monaural loudness bal-
AMLC adherent macrophage-like cell; 
autologous mixed lymphocyte culture 
AMLCD active matrix liquid crystal dis play 
AMLR autologous mixed Iymphocyte 
AMLS antimouse Iymphocyte serum
AMLSGA acute myelobastic leukemia 
surface glycoprotein antigen 
AMM agnogenic myeloid metaplasia; 
ammonia; antibody to murine cardiac 
myosin; Association of Medical Microbiol-
ogists [UK]; World Medical Association [Fr. 
Association Médicale Mondiale] 
amm ammonia 
AMML acute myelomonocytic leukemia 
AMMoL acute myelomonocytic or myelo-
monoblastic leukemia 
ammon ammonia 
AMN adrenomyeloneuropathy; alloxazine 
mononucleotide; aminonucleoside; 
anterior median nucleus 
AMNS aminonucleoside 
AMO assistant medical officer; axio-mesio 
AmO alarm object 
amo amorphous 
A-mode amplitude mode; amplitude 
AMOG adhesion molecule on glia 
AMOL, AMoL acute monocytic or mono-
blastic leukemia 
amor amorphous 
AMP accelerated mental processes; 
acid mucopolysaccharide; adenosine 
mono phosphate; Aerospace Medical 
Panel; 2,3 -aminophenazine; 2-amino-
2,1-propanol; amphetamine; ampicillin; 
ampule; amputation; average mean 
amp ampere; amplification; ampli-tude; 
ampule; amputation, amputee 
AMPA alpha-amino-3-hydroxy-5 methyl-
I-isoxazolepropionate; American Medical 
Publishers Association; aminoisopropyl 
propionic acid 
AMPAC American Medical Asso-ciation 
Political Action Committee 
AMPAR alpha-amino-3-hydroxy-5-meth yl-
4-isoxazole propionate receptor 
AMP-c cyclic adenosine monophosphate
AMPH, amphet amphetamine 
amp-hr ampere-hour 
AMPI APSAC in Acute Myocardial 
Infarction Placebo Controlled 
ampl large [Lat. amplus] 
AMPLE allergies, medications, past 
medical history, last meal, events 
preceding present condition 
A-M pr Austin-Moore prosthesis 
Amp-RT amplified reverse transcriptase 
AMPS abnormal mucopolysacchariduria; 
acid mucopolysaccharide 
AMPT active mouse protection test; alpha-
ampul ampule 
AMR acoustic muscle reflex; activity meta-
bolic rate; acute mitral regurgitation; 
alope cia-mental retardation [syndrome]; 
alternate motion rate; alternating motion 
reflex; ambulatory medical record 
AMRA American Medical Record Asso-
AMRF America Medical Resources 
AMRI anteromedial rotatory instability 
AMRL Aerospace Medical Research 
AMRNL Army Medical Research and 
Nutrition Laboratory 
AMRO Amsterdam-Rotterdam Trial Com-
paring Excimer Laser and Percutaneous 
Transluminal Coronary Angioplasty 
AMRS ambulatory medical records system; 
automated medical record system
AMS ablepharon-microstomia syndrome; 
accelerator mass spectrometry; act 
manage ment system; acute mountain 
sickness; adenosylmethionine synthetase; 
advanced largeseale integrated 
computational envi ronment [ALICE] 
memory snooper; advanced medical 
systems [fetal monitor]; aggravated in 
military service; altered mental status; 
American Microsopical Society; amount 
of substance; amylase; antimac rophage 
serum; Army Medical Service; asep tic 
meningitis syndrome; Association of 
Military Surgeons; auditory memory span; 
automated multiphasic screening 
ams amount of a substance 
AMSA acridinylamine methanesulfon-m-
anisidide; American Medical Society on 
Alcoholism; American Medical Students 
Association; amsacrine 
AMSAODD American Medical Society on 
Alcoholism and Other Drug Dependen-
AMSC Army Medical Specialist Corps 
AMSP Association of Medical School 
AMSPC Association of Medical School 
Pharmacology Chairs 
AMSRDC Army Medical Service Re search 
and Development Command 
AMSU arnbulatory minor surgery unit 
AMSUS Association of Military Surgeons 
of the United States 
AMT acute miliary tuberculosis; Adenosine 
Scan Multicenter Trial; alpha-methyl -
tyrosine; American Medical Technologists; 
amethopterin; amitriptyline; 
amniotic membrane transplantation; 
amphetamine; anxiety management 
training; atherogenic metabolic triad 
amt amount 
AMTV Arumowot virus 
amt/vol amount/volume 
AMU Army Medical Unit 
amu atomic mass unit 
AmuLV Abelson murine leukemia virus; 
amphotrophic murine leukemia virus 
AMV alfalfa mosaic virus; apex to 
mitral valve; assisted mechanical 
ventilation; asteroid mosaic virus; avian 
myeloblastosis virus 
AMVF additive multiattribute value func-
AMVI acute mesenteric vascular insuffi-
aMVL anterior mitral valve leaflet 
AMWA American Medical Women’s 
Association; Americam Medical Writers 
AMX advanced multiprocessor extension; 
AMY, amy amylase 
AMyA antimyocardial antibody 
AN acanthosis nigricans; acetylnitrile; 
acne neonatorum; acoustic neuroma; 
adult, normal; ala nasi; amyl nitrate; 
aneurysm; anisometropia; anode; 
anorexia nervosa; antenatal; anterior; 
antineuraminidase; asep tic necrosis; 
atmosphere normal; atrionodal; 
autonomic neuropathy; avascular necrosis 
A/N antenatal; as needed 
An actinon; anisometropia; anode, 
anodal; antigen; Aspergillus niger; 
atmosphere normal 
An atmosphere normal 
A1-NA A1 area of the nucleus ambiguus 
ANA acetylneuraminic acid; American 
Narcolepsy Association; American Neuro-
logical Association; American Nurses 
Association; anesthesia [anaesthesia]; 
antibody to nuclear antigens; antinuclear 
antibody; aspartyl naphthylamide 
Ana anaplastic 
ANAD anorexia nervosa with associated 
ANAE alpha-naphthyl acetate esterase 
ANAG acute narrow angle glaucoma 
AnalNH anaphylotoxin inhibitor 
ANAL, anal analgesia, analgesic; analy sis, 
ANAM automated neuropsy-chological 
as sessment metrics 
ANAP agglutination negative, absorption 
positive [reaction] 
ANAS anastomosis; auditory nerve acti-
vating substance 
ANASCD American Nurses Association 
Steering Committee on Data-bases 
anast anastomosis 
ANAT anatomic structure [UMLS] 
Anat, anat anatomy, anatomist 
ANAV Anopheles A virus 
ANB alternate nostril breathing; avascu lar 
necrosis of bone 
ANBN alpha-nitroso-beta-naphthol 
ANBP Australian National Blood Pres sure 
AN-BP anorexia nervosa with bingeing/
purging behaviors 
ANBV Anopheles B virus 
ANC absolute neutrophil count; acid neu-
tralization capacity; active noise control 
[MRI]; adaptive or noise canceler; adult 
neuronal ceroid [lipofuscinosis]; ancestor 
[UMLS]; antigen-neutralizing capacity; 
Army Nurse Corps 
ANC1 ancestor, first level in hierarchy 
ANCA antineutrophilic cytoplasmic anti-
ANCC, AnCC anodal closure contraction 
ANCHR Access to National Claims His tory 
Repository [Medicare database]