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sua habilidade de 
adivinhar o significado das palavras fazendo uso do contexto. 
As sentenças abaixo contêm palavras que não existem em inglês identifique o significado 
dessas palavras usando o contexto. 
1. Michael gave me a beautiful bunch of flowers: roses, dahlias, marguerites, 
chrysanthemums, nogs and orchids. _________________ 
2. If I don’t buy a blue car, then I might buy a fobble one. _________________ 
3. I can’t cut with this knife because it is bugler. _________________ 
4. John isn’t married, he’s meed. _________________ 
5. Over the last 20 years our family has owned a great variety of wurgs: poodles, 
dalmatians, Yorkshire terriers, and even St. Bernards. _________________ 
6. In the Middle Ages, prisoners were often physically tortured in order to make them 
pogmortle. _________________ 
7. It was so brody that it was impossible to see more 20 meters. _________________ 
Ao encontrar uma palavra desconhecida você pode recorrer ao dicionário ou tentar adivinhar 
seu significado fazendo uso do contexto, isto é, observando a sentença em que a palavra 
aparece ou as sentenças anteriores e posteriores. Talvez você não conheça a palavra weight. 
Observe o que acontece quando ela é contextualizada: 
Many people are worried about their weight. To reduce weight they eat less, 
eliminate carbohydrates from their diet, do a lot of exercises to burn calories, etc. 
Agora leia o exemplo: 
The paintings contain circles, squares, triangles, pirries, cylindres and cubes. 
Certamente a única palavra que você não compreendeu foi pirries. No entanto sem usar 
dicionário, você reconhece que essa palavra é uma forma geométrica. 
(Obs.: pirries não existe em inglês) 
8. Even in the poorest parts of the country, people usually have a table, some chairs, a roup 
and a bed. _________________ 
9. Of course he is bamp – he drank 6 “caipirinhas” in half-an-hour. ________________ 
10. Be careful with Jimmy. He is considered a mutcher because he is always with a different 
girlfriend. _________________ 
11. Whenever I go downtown I take the golper – it is faster than a bus and cheaper than a 
taxi. _________________ 
12. The girls shut down the carties in order to get dressed. _________________ 
13. Miss Baker is a very emating secretary– she is never late and types perfectly. 
14. That woman is a grastor – she is always interested in the money she might get from her 
partner. _________________ 
15. Mr. Thompson bought his wife a bingle ring – tomorrow is their wedding anniversary. 
16. Stir the caple until it is soft, and then put it in the oven. _________________ 
17. The little girl wanted a tupper to stand on it. The man in front of her was very tall. 
Exercício - Contexto 
Observe os seguintes exemplos: 
1. Com um sorriso no rosto, o 
aniversariante apagou as velas. 
2. Tenho que limpar as velas do carro. 
3. O marinheiro levantou as velas do barco. 
4. Ela adora segurar vela. 
1. Ele tocou bem o cravo. 
2. Quentão é feito de cachaça, açúcar, cravo, 
canela e gengibre. 
3. O cavalo perdeu o cravo. 
4. Você precisa tomar remédios para os seus 
É claro que o contexto é sempre importante para a compreensão das palavras que têm vários 
significados diferentes. Em inglês, o contexto é muito importante. Veja as frases abaixo. 
Como você traduziria as palavras sublinhadas? 
1. The waiter filled their glasses with champagne. ð ________________________ 
2. She went to the optician for a new pair of glasses. ð _______________________ 
3. The beauty salon charges ten dollars for a complete treatment, including nails. ð 
4. I went to the hardware store to buy a hammer and some nails. ð __________________ 
5. Tomorrow the Royal Society will hold a formal ball to celebrate the 300th Anniversary of 
its foundation. ð ________________________ 
6. Come on! Pass the ball. ð ________________________ 
7. You missed a great show! We had a ball. ð ________________________ 
8. The money was in the palm of his hand. ð ________________________ 
9. There are beautiful palm trees in the south of Brazil. ð ____________________ 
10. Tomorrow I’ll ask my secretary to phone the head of the firm. ð ___________________ 
11. She has nothing in her head. ð ________________________ 
12. He was arrested after the accident because he had failed to stop when the lights were red. 
ð ________________________ 
13. It’s getting dark in here. Turn on the lights, will you? ð ___________________ 
14. Professor Battenburg has just published a paper on the social consequences of the 
economic recession. ð ________________________ 
15. Just a minute. I’ll get pen and paper. ð ________________________ 
16. How did the elephant get its trunk? ð ________________________ 
17. Have you put the tent in the trunk of the car? ð ________________________ 
18. She is still convalescent and must have a rest every afternoon. ð __________________ 
19. What are you going to do with the rest of the food? ð ______________________ 
Exercício - Contexto 
Determine o sentido das palavras sublinhadas através do contexto: 
1. I always pay my bills at a bank. __________________ 
2. If a man doesn’t obey the laws he can go to prison. __________________ 
3. Final examinations in Brazilian schools are held in November. 
4. Because of inflation, prices continue to rise. __________________ 
5. Don’t raise your voice when you talk to me! __________________ 
6. I won’t raise any objections to the plan. __________________ 
7. What conclusions can you draw from the facts? __________________ 
8. He was accused of many crimes but he denied everything. 
9. He’s a very dedicated husband. He doesn’t deny anything to his 
10. I took me 3 hours to do the exercise. __________________ 
11. Educating children well takes more than just money and time. 
12. Although he’s very intelligent, he didn’t pass the exam. 
13. The course didn’t answer our needs. __________________ 
14. Lula is the leader of the Workers’ Party. __________________ 
15. I believe in God. __________________ 
16. In the past, people used to believe that the earth was flat. 
17. Brazilian people have lost their faith in politicians. __________________ 
18. We can’t trust in people who never keep their promises. __________________ 
19. We won’t stop fighting. We’ll keep on fighting until the end. 
20. It is important to learn foreign languages such as English, 
French, German or Spanish. 
21. You mustn’t smoke here. Throw away that cigarette 
22. He has found a solution for the problem. __________________ 
23. I find it difficult to understand him. __________________ 
24. Is it true or false that women are bad driver? __________________ 
25. The ozone layer is being destroyed by some chemical products. 
26. Some people consider Fernanda Montenegro the best Brazilian 
27. You were so rude to me that I’ll never forgive you. __________________ 
28. Even if you apologize for your rudeness, I won’t forgive you. 
29. Stop behaving like a child! If you don’t change you behavior, I’ll 
have to punish you. 
30. These products are terrible! We must improve their quality. 
31. I’ll make dinner and you will lay the table. __________________ 
32. The plants died for lack of water. __________________ 
33. I don’t like this decoration: blue and brown are colors that don’t 
34. Do you have hope for a better future? __________________ 
35. The classroom is 5 meters wide and 4 meters long. __________________ 
36. What’s the length of the river? It’s 3.567 miles long. __________________ 
37. Stress can cause many